Chen Hao Yu: Blue card and Jing valence’s ranking all is to serve a client

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

After becoming number of 100 degrees on June 14, 100 degrees New appointee business luck camp deputy governor, Chen Hao Yu, , the first time and medium meets recently. Assembly hall depends on Chen Hao Yu whom the cola pours jet lag to be candid in saying, currently to 100 times understand to combine not much, but ownly will acquaint with 100 degrees to oneself from the industry career and very competent at a job rise help very greatly. Chen Hao Yu calls to become number of 100 degrees and derives from the fun that works in China. Compared with the United States, the work fun in China is more, because the industry of the United States has been mature, unless being very very excellent, otherwise developing space isn’t big. He says that although return to country is very big decision,do to become number of the decision of 100 degrees very easy, because of at 100 degree this platform up can do a lot of affairs. Before now 90% incomes of 100 degrees but came from rather the Jing price placings business of having controversy, how equilibrium 100 degrees, small and medium enterprises lord and the benefits of the customer’s was the biggest challenge of what Chen Hao Yu faced that was responsible for 100 degrees electronic commerce and alliance business in the website. Be front the deputy governor of the American Express Be from, Chen Hao Yu comprehends to search the engine Jing price placings and makes credit card hair the card is similar to all serve customer: How acquire a new customer, how grow up together with customer. Emphasize 100 degrees and small and medium enterprises lord more, and search an engine totally winning of the customer, when only three squares are all beneficial then this card can be successful. Do the credit card ranks to a little bit be like with Jing price, one is our customer, the person of searching of terminal, he wants to feel this thing he search come out, to he beneficial benefit, then this business to he beneficial benefit, then so then we can do successfully. Chen Hao Yu in 1992 graduate up to now, 100 degrees are its fourth works, few to 100 degrees understand currently, pass every day and the employee of the related business the confabulation understand 100 degrees for 6 hours. Chen Hao Yu has been emphasizing wheat be willing to the tin experience, in the wheat be willing to tin, do item every two months, key is how can soon comprehend this industry, experience in past and work a method to use to this industry.

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