Evaporate 10,000,000,000 insurance strong stockholder for fund ten cycles the shank stare

Monday, August 26, 2013

In mid November, the fund index number falls to break 1000: 00 an integral pass and be listed in the deep Hu market of 54 closing type all of the fund fell to break 0. 90 dollars integral pass. Although have a rally for recent two days, all average cut rates rate of closing type funds still go back and forth about 9%. Sign a Feng estimate according to intergalactic stock certificate fund senior researcher’s beard in the research center, over about 10 weeks, the 54 closing types fund has already evaporated more than 10,000,000,000 dollars properties. The weak performance of the fund in 2002 early even if the insurance company is dissatisfied. China protects Jian will of data suggest, insurance funds in June, 2002 to fund once carried on scale to be up to reducing of 2,500,000,000 dollars hold;The whole insurance industry reduced to be close to 900,000,000 dollars to the investment scale of fund in July. The insurance company reduces to hold the closing type fund quantity currently should high hereat number. China Tai property insurance company funds luck the camp department know what happened a personage to judge, in falling of November in the power, the insurance company may do to more significantly reduce to hold. But reduce to hold is not a way either. The serious cut rate of closing type fund, as to it’s the most important holder insurance company to say to undoubtedly is a heavy stroke. Currently the closing type fund is insurance funds are an important investment path, face to significantly slip, approach a huge sum of insurance funds of 18,000,000,000 dollars to surround among them but feel helpless. Stipulate according to China, the insurance funds carry camp to save in the bank, national debt, rating at AA parts of business enterprise debts, parts of fund etc. s of the A , the insurance company isn’t likely to completely pick and get rid of from the originally poor investment choice the fund again.

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