Seek leuco three main directions of white fund maxwell within maxwell attack

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The white horse in the white horse;White Ma Gu develops a species;Great topic clear company the condition of the market in 2007 regardless soar and tumble, is all very fascinating act. White Ma Gu already gradually drive approbation in the market, and black Ma Gu also at continuously rising, the condition of the market of small dish and big dish this that Fu, each other influence again mutually exclusive, the funds continuously look for in the marsh land new a little bit hot and inquire into a new opportunity. The fund continuously absorbs the funds passage that the Na savings deposit converts, high quick its efficiency, enlarged the operation difficulty of fund to some extent. The motion of the market and the risk degree of the market would obviously increase a little bit last year, the fund was full of diversified alluring investment market in one in, is looking for new strategy, among them, below three investment directions was worth paying attention to. The fund mutually wins the market that the white horse in the white horse undulates in the bull market, many funds all more and more like to buy white Ma Gu, buying those can say understand of company, buy those more high quality companies. Because is rising in the economy of at the same time, the earnings of high quality brand company is just still farer far high than those for existence, for position busy company. Canvass business bank, people’s livelihood bank, medium letter stock certificate and deep ten thousand sections, Mao set these winning of many in the last yearses of companies benefit growth levels in Guizhouses are good enough to prove its ability. Be like Mao set yearly growth in Guizhou, can be treated as assurance. The motion of market is an indetermination, but the fund etc. organization investor to can pass to invest those assurance stronger company, resist the slump or motion risk of market. Be like Su rather electric appliances, medium regiment in Ji ji these ever the cow in the bear market’s, today in the bull market, expressing an unlike other species was bad, the reason is it assurance increment. Along with currency less and less rare today, become those more high quality companies of currencies, pour the best safe limit, bestly increase in value a way. Invest the species bull market of developing of white Ma Gu, in Ma Gu who have a flexible investment opportunity more, is a white of develop a species. If hold to believe stock certificate proportion higher Al Gore friendship in, is lately the big shareholder of people’s livelihood bank hope, form alliance with wide hair stock certificate intimacy of Liaoning Chengkong University and Jilin Ao east, all is particularly a fund to attack of target. Be like the west water share, the lord industry is general, but the shareholder of in view of the fact Societe Generale, becoming available in the market of Societe Generale achieved it west the value of water share heavy estimate. Seven wolves, not only had the brand to be loudly to be, plused 8000 many ten thousand Societe Generale ownership of a shares, more raised the gold content of company. Still have medium regiment bank in Ji ji hold 137,000,000 to canvass business, just the company lord industry is too good, the market neglected. Along with the peaceful insurance, Nanking trading company, medium letter bank, Chinese aluminum industry etc. become available in the market, will have more related companies to be subjected to a benefit. For example Nanking Gao Ke is two shareholders that stay Xia construction, is a Nanking trading company of three take charge of, all support the minister achievement system of controling medicine at the same time, is the brand trademark of pediatrics, its value is consumedly heavy to estimate, will increase the gold content of company. Certainly, in the bull market of develop a species always along with being unveiled on the stage of white Ma Gu or white company horse and float a surface, such as the bank concept, coupon company the concept, insurance concept, fund concept, even the opportunity of some other high quality related ownership of a shares to company will also continuously pound at a market. The fund was very successful to the exhumation of coupon company’s concept last year, it attacked scope to be more wide this year. Invest a great topic clear company bull market, in addition to white Ma Gu and white horse related’s investment opportunity, those topic clear opportunity, also become the realm that the fund contends for. The eastern soft share started magnificent and victoriously rising to stop due to being whole to become available in the market. The Hu is eastern heavy machine, is also a state owners enterprise to lend the hull the model that is whole to become available in the market. Ten thousand sections from announced after ownership of a share encouraged, stock price all the way straight up 20 dollars, although kept on falling,do not influence Wang Shi. Still having many listed companies that announce definite direction to increase hair and lending the listed companies of hull is all kind of investment topic. The fund increases a hair, ownership of a share to encourage in the definite direction, whole become available in the market etc. process in, is also continuously inquiring into a new opportunity. At great topic clear today, ages go together with ownership of a share, definitely have a lot of of fascinating.

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