G the Pu alcoholic spin to increase 2000% ratings for 06 years

Sunday, October 13, 2013

While consuming a pulling of rapid growth, food beverage the profession Be whole to follow to develop a period a little bit quickly, and the profits increase to exceed income to increase, earnings level ascension, the whole year is high growth have already become settled situation. It is a white spirit, rice wine, wine, milk product and make sugar profession to be more outstanding. The brand advantage of the business enterprise of the our country food beverage profession is as more obvious as management advantage. At the same time, the development of food beverage profession will arouse the development of upper stream profession agriculture and solve 2 dollars to turn an economic structure problem to have important meaning to the our country. Suggest the concern consumption gets stripe the next white spirit and wine profession, modern agriculture industry to turn next milk product profession etc. . White spirit: In the first half of 2006, our country white spirit profession income together compare increase 24. 4%, profits together compare increase 30. 13%. In addition, the food white spirit ad valorem consumption tax is since April 1, 06 years declined to 20% by 25%, 06 year whole year the earnings level of the profession will raise further. Anticipate for the coming 5 year, the white spirit profession sells quantity to continue to keep 5%10% growths. Have the listed company of brand advantage and marketing advantage Be worth paying attention to, such as G five food liquids and G the old cellar and G is whole interest, and G Fen wine. . . etc. . Wine: The international person all consumes wine currently 7. 5 rise, our country only for 0. 3 rise. The wine profession is still placed in growth to expect. Anticipate for the coming 5 year, wine’s selling quantity still will maintain 15%20% rapid growths, is an our country consumption to increase soon quickest wet goods sub profession. The company that has comprehensive advantage in the grapery base, product quality and marketing outlet etc. can keep rapid growth, like the Pu wine, and G Mogao. . . etc. of the G Zhang Yu, G. Milk product: The urbanization progress of the our country got rid of to some extent our country 2 dollars turn economic structure to become long term restriction to the milk product profession. Press our country in 201047% urbanization level calculation, anticipate for the coming 5 year, milk product’s selling the growth of measuring the year rate still can keep about 15%. Suggest the concern controls in the milk source, product quality and cost and marketing etc. has the company of comprehensive advantage, such as G Yi benefit etc. . Procure at the same time, under the sistuation that the our country milk product profession continues to keep a high growth, the reorganization will cause relocating of the milk product production company’s competition ability, the management of G 3 dollars turns to order to appear.

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