The Mo root rich wood manages work to go QDII clearly

Friday, June 13, 2014

Recently, Chinese industry and business bank released a local head style directly with the generation that Reminbi was invested to Hong Kong stock market guest offshore finance mangaing product the bead of the east, the Mo root of one of the ten greatest properties in the world management companies rich Lin Ming property managed company as the offshore investment administrator of the product.The product is mainly invested to Chinese business enterprise and Asian bond of the nominal quotation Hong Kong trading post, and have already started formal sale in June.Currently, is relatively had by the Hong Kong Stock Market paid attention to on the market in Hong Kong 3 type, is blue to raise a , H respectively and red raise an etc..Up to 4 the end of the months, 2007s, the business enterprise for becoming available in the market in Hong Kong totally has 1186, the market capitalization is 14 hk$, clinch a deal the amount of money as hk$55,000,000,000 on the average everyday.Since this year, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index supports in the concept of economic high-speed growth in China under, is always steady to up, Huang Shu Min said, this for the country inside the investor provided the opportunity of good dispersion A stock market field risk.At the same time, continuously extend QDII along with the central government investment quota, become available in the market but mark down price a bigger state-owners enterprise in the harbor and red raise, certainly attraction the in great quantities local funds flow into.Meanwhile, some earnings growth prospects are excellent and the city Ying rate reasonable of large and blue raise, will also become the object that these QDII funds extol.BE more opposite than stock market, the Asian bond market is also similar to get the favor of offshore organization, Mo root rich Lin Ming’s property manages of Asia settle interest investment director general Zhang Guan Bang think, the value of big part of Asian currency is still subjected to under-estimation, in the future increase in value speed may be higher than Reminbi very much.This to local investor, investing Asian bond will have opportunity and enjoy bond price and currency exchange rate ascension of dual advantage.But Asian bond stabilize of the interest income will provide the fixed income source of importance for investor.

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