CMC remits to review:The aus dlr exchanges USD to still walk weak

Monday, June 30, 2014

Asia trades time Ao dollar the opening quotations walk Gao, but trade a time closing price to lower in the United States.Expectation lately appointed storage the officials of the bank of Australia will again announce hawks’ viewpoint to the interest rate.The United States bargain time Central America the dollar extensively walk strong, caused some accrual to absorb Na dish.The gold price walks weak push Ao dollar to lower.The Ao dollar/U.S. dollar undulates in 0.7420-0.7460 scopes in day.The dish time U.S. dollar opening quotations early lowers, but trades a time to acquire in the United States pre-eminent.United States is allied to keep officials to call the misgiving of existing the inflation risk is still.The officials talk to point out that wage rate and energy price motion that soar are the main factors of inflation upsurge.Trade time tail in New York dish, U.S. dollar exchanges all other main currencies to walk strong.The euro is accepted to USD 1.251719 or so, though the second quarter degree GDP data got upward correction.The yen exchanges U.S. dollar closing price to lower, is accepted to 119.7477, northern Korea may carry on the second-time nuclear test to check and aggravated the misgiving of investor.Overnight gold and silver decline once again, because the crude oil price falls into a whole year a little bit lowest.The gold is accepted to each ounce USD 573.2, the silver is accepted to each ounce USD 11.23.The stock market local stock market accepted Gao yesterday, the basis S

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