Increase have been already reduced:Jie airtight two quarters degree parts of funds increase a Cang

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Al Gore friendship:The anti- falls to spin and weave group leader up to June 30, treasure Kang consumer goods and China treasure interest industry many strategies two brotherses hold Al Gore friendship respectively 13,050,000 and 11,230,000, another gold Xin holds with open a dollar fund respectively 8,620,000 and 7,300,000.Contrast 2004 again quarterly degree end Al Gore friendship’s first ten greatest shareholders list it is thus clear that, two quarter degree inside:The treasure Kang consumer goods reduces Cang 240,000, the gold Xin increases Cang 840,000 and open a dollar fund to increase Cang 2,200,000, but China treasure interest industry many strategies hold of 11,230,000 is all two quarters, the degree increases Cang, another Great Wall stock certificate is entering, in the letter stock certificate is backing.Past although Al Gore friendship sees a crest above in 13 dollars in 4 beginning of the months, because it is the group leader that spins and weaves profession, at the same time under supporting strongly of R.O.C treasure much more cheerful strategy etc. fund, the stock price is just slow-moving to decline, is stronger than big dish, will now 6 dollars many of stock price return power after still have many 11 dollars, year inside still have 30% or so rise.Reply star industry:Set China treasure interest industry in prison up to June 30, China treasure interest industry many strategy growths hold 12,940,000, is all two quarters, the degree increases Cang;At the same time, country Tai the gentleman Be where first half year of to also buy 3,370,000.However, China treasure interest industry many strategies this time have no so lucky reply the star industry sees more crest in 15 dollars at 4 beginning of the months, but tumbles into 11.6 dollars neighborhood for 4 the end of the months, after a breather of month behind, fight in the disadvantageous rumours in June under once again break get down, now price not enough 5 dollars, return power empress just in 10 dollars neighborhood, China treasure interest industry many strategy prison prison sets live.The sky of cloud turns:Maintain Gao Wei to tidy up to contrast cloud to turn 2004 for sky quarterly degree end and two quarters, degree end of front ten greatly circulate shareholder list, we can see the fund is to have been already increased to reduce, increase Cang of have:Medium believe classic, China repay, the virtuous prosperous small dish, agency protect fund, sea rich income and view agreeable optimization, the strength that increases a Cang is more obviously big than the one who reduce Cang, past front nine greatly circulate the aggregate of shareholder to hold amount of to increase to 26,560,000 from 19,010,000 of quarterly degree end.And cloud management for turning in the sky is quite good, having already anticipated the first half year accomplishment will increase above 50%, past at two quarters, degree in, the basically ignores a big dish slump and keeps Gao Wei pre-eminent sorting structure and form, the stock price is only tiny to fall 0.1 dollars, and the price is in 12 dollars neighborhood now.Nanking sea mail:The Milky Way is steady to walk 2004 of eye quarterly degree end, only have country letter in Nanking sea mail the first ten greatest shareholders stock certificate one circulate shareholder;At two quarter degree in, the country believes a stock certificate 1 didn’t move, the Milky Way was steady to then join to see many of row or column, two quarters, the degree end holds 6,996,000.However, the Milky Way is steady once sits the mountain car Nanking sea mail because of ex- expect a rise too greatly, therefore two quarters fall into current 6 dollars neighborhood more from 8 dollars in degree.

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