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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recently, certificate Jian will, the Ministry of Finance draw up to establish the news that the 100,000,000,000 dollars stock market regulates a fund Jing not but walk.Various benefit good news in the near future continuously stimulate under, the stock market successively increases and connect after accepting five sun lines, regulating the study of fund has already hoped to inject one needle cordial again for market.100,000,000,000 dollars regulates a fund September 16, a personage who approaches finance in Shanghai to do reveals to the reporter, the certificate Jian will be negotiating with Ministry of Finance to establish 100,000,000,000 dollars stock market to regulate a fund.Establishing the main purpose that the stock market regulates a fund is a stable market, overcast in the market enter an operation.According to know, relatedly study and discuss a work always to carry on in a low-key way, the department concerned has already several times made exchange a stanza fund to carry on a discussion.Introduce according to fund Wu of east, see from the oversea market, is similar to the fund of stabilizing the market not to lack precedent.In May, 1990, Korean government once established stock market to stabilize a fund, at that time fund scale is 4,000,000,000,000 dollar, take up 4% of its stock market market capitalization.In August, 1998, for cope with international to the huge impact that hurtles a fund, the our country Hong Kong Special Administrative Zone Government once used the foreign exchange fund of Hong Kong government, the strong dint pointed futures to interfere on the market in the stock on hand and the Heng and bought Heng to point a composition by hk$118,000,000,000.In addition, our country Taiwan also set the stability fund of 500,000,000,000 dollars New Taiwan dollar in January, 2000.The above-mentioned personage said that currently stage, establishing to regulate a fund to have two problems has to solve:First, regulate the fund is start to establish together with Ministry of Finance by the certificate Jian, the outlet of 100,000,000,000 funds sources needs to be explicit.Is first half year of the circumstance from this year to see, central public finance income the condition is good, and national debt granted by National Peoples Congress publishes the total scale as 702,200,000,000 dollars in 2004.The public finance takes out 100,000,000,000 dollars as to regulate a fund although having pressure to the public finance,still having maneuverability, but collecting the possibility of regulating the fund through other outlets currently is smaller.The eastern stock certificate personage suggests that in addition to 100,000,000,000 fund sources basically from Ministry of Finance the project for supporting, the certificate Jian will should try other outlets to raise funds.Take Korea as an example, the stock market stability fund comes from stock certificate company, insurance company, organization investor and listed company.In Taiwan region, then with male, run by private capital business the stock guarantee to borrow funds to the financing institution, and use the labor retirement insurance fund, postal service savings and government functionary to retire bereavement pay etc., raise TWD 500,000,000,000.Secondly, lately- established 100,000,000,000 stock marketses regulate how the fund operate the management to still need an assurance.After regulating a fund and establishing, by whom management, how manage to also let Ministry of Finance and certificate Jian the originator of a loan association is painful, after all regulate fund and agency to protect to wait a fund property different.Agency’s protecting a fund is protected fund council by the agency to operate and manage and protect a value and increase in value under the premise of the safe operation and go into city scale to only haven’t arrive more than 100000000 dollarses 200.But stock market’s regulating the property of fund is even to suppress stock price during the violent motion period of stock market, not with increase in value for basic purpose, and the fund scale is larger, the agency protects a fund of the mode combine obsolescent.Stock certificate in Shenzhen’s regulating in 1992 fund is changed Wei by the Shenzhen City department of finance, body and inspects a three parties parties in bureau representative to constitute to manage a group, is entrusted the stock certificate company’s agency by the department of finance.Regret of BE, this regulating a fund don’t truely operate.It is that the long-term benefit is very above-mentioned to know what happened a personage to say to match rules funds to go into city, more because of establishing to regulate a fund to need to synthesize the factor of assurance, under the current condition, establish to regulate a fund to still need to well whet to match.But the stock market regulates the function of fund to get mostly then personage in the market’s approbation.Had the sea the stock certificate personage to say, the stock market regulated a fund to have a model function, overcast in the tone of a market, regulating a fund to enter can stimulate atmosphere in the market and stir up investor aggressive.From come and go experience to see, stock market’s regulating a going into of fund city really can have the function to stabilize a market.In 1990, stock market in Shenzhen faces a meltdown, is finally supported 200,000,000 dollars by the public finance and the financing institution to save city, make stock market resume.And according to the introduction, the stability fund of Taiwan region is also once many to go into city intervention, and at stable the market obtained certain effect.While being not mature or being a little bit greatly pounded at in market, regulating what fund exist its necessity, but can not deny BE, the stock market regulates a fund to be just brief behavior.Korea stabilizes a fund along with the extension of the market scale, the fund is hard to regulate a market, stop an operation in October, 1997.Hong Kong Special Administrative Zone Government is making use of a foreign exchange fund to after saving the city also mean, this .According to the introduction, Shenzhen market establishes in 1992 of regulate a fund situation to compare bigger resistance, is also don’t circulate.In 1999, central bank and certificate Jian will, the Ministry of Finance once had to establish three suggestions that regulate a fund respectively, afterwards after the stock certificate invested a fund development to get up, there is stable organization investor in the market, relevant suggest to also put off.The fund personage of China Anne is analytical, although regulates a fund in the short run hard physically participate in among the market, certificate Jian will the information delivering is count for much:The encouragement matches a rules, long term the funds go into city and make use of the motion that the stable funds avoid a market.According to know, the beginning of September, approval in State Department establishes of the encouragement match rules funds to work into the city special subject group already first step complete related system to draft a work.Group from certificate Jian will, Ministry of Finance, the labor guarantee department, central bank and silver Jian will, protect Jian will, the agency protect fund council etc. seven greatest section consociation, for long term the funds directly go into city to work well a system arrangement.Seven Wei works group mainly from certificate Jian will the fund department lead long a head, according to China fund key figures reveal, on September 15, 2004, include China fund and China Anne fund at inside of several big fund companies and insurance company took part in the first time of special subject group study meeting in the city.The confidence that sets up a long-term investment, work out quickly the problem of stock market is willing ascend to get an approbation.The meeting confirms, the contents of funds includes an agency to protect over a long period of time, bank, insurance and business enterprise annuity, QFII and stock certificate investment fund etc..13 meeting personage said, matched the potential that the rules funds go into city very big, the coordination work of each Wei just and effectively carry on.Such as insurance funds existing of go into city funds the scale will attain 50,000,000,000 dollars.On September 15, the central bank has already called a stateowned commercial bank representative director and discusses how the commercial bank develops fund business and establishes the problem of fund management company.The bank gets involved to change structure and form in the market, the fund personage of China Anne thinks and sees from the money market fund, China Anne’s cash enriches the scale of benefit is from 40 many hundred million time in 9 monthses inside break 11,000,000,000, from in can see a potential that the bank funds go into city.Almost at the same time, the outside takes care of a bureau to grant 3 QFIIs to increase an USD 200,000,000 investment limit respectively at the same time and makes the QFII funds scale attain USD 2,000,000,000.Agency’s protecting fund talent show, business enterprise annuities is pushing forward, if matching rules funds to go into city can effectively carry out, the organization investor real maturity gets up, the stock market funds will stimulate very much.According to know, although the meeting period has never opened and discusses that the stock market regulates a fund, however, is a three meeting personage said, in the time that market is overcast, the stock market regulates a fund to have already led to a function.Palliate and cure origin according to know, fall to break in the stock market 1300 after, the stock market arouses vibration, the certificate Jian will save a city meeting continuously.On September 10, the certificate Jian meeting urgently calls several big coupons company graduate division the representative director leave for a city conference;On September 12, the certificate Jian that feels more pressure will call several stock certificate companies and fund again the representative director of the company to again and urgently negotiate.On the afternoon of the 13th, the certificate Jian will request the part of large coupon company old total fund company old always took part in an another high class internal meeting.Know what happened a personage to reveal, the main contents of meeting is research currently the counterplan of stock market.September 14 and the 15th, the certificate Jian will again convene an urgently internal meeting on the twoth in a row.Will up, the relevant short date saves the suggestion of city measure to again and again appear, if lower floral tax rate and increase a QFII limit, and simplification investment procedure, support the insurance funds directly go into city etc..Requesting to hold firmly to carry out a country at premier Wen Jia Bao in State Department of September 13 is nine, practical protection investor benefits benefit good news and other benefit under the good incitement, the stock market puts to have great capacity to rise in a row.But index number soars not to mean ten thousand matter great lucks, the system construction is still the pain of at heart of the meeting of certificate Jian.To this, consociation stock certificate a key figures think:Under the sistuation that the structure problem in market has no solution, depending on a good policy of benefit to save city can not work out the root of stock market problem, even may drink Zhen to quench thirst.The coupon company’s business risk problem still keeps existing, the ownership of a share cent places of the problem didn’t also solve, the vainglory of stock market might leave concealed suffer from.The since low stamp tax is an example, although winning benefit for investor to provide more price differences,together establishing to regulate a fund is similar, just express the attitude of management layer, lead to meaning to far be far larger than actual meaning.According to know, September 21, Chinese certificate Jian will with stock certificate industry association call include Mo root big, Holland bank and the United States protect is virtuous to believe, French interest industry at inside of more than 10 top-class financing institution key figures in the world reach development in the investor, Chinese capital market to greatly account in total business opportunities in the city.Be subjected to invitation to come to three meetings of, mainly is that the joint venture fund company that has been already started practice currently is outside square the shareholder is high, such as Mo root big, Holland bank is a Pacific Asia director general Qu, protect virtuous letter then parties come to the deputy governor whom the world is responsible for an investment, value degree it is thus clear that one spot.Foreign capital financing institution such high class another collective meeting, and not much see.Certificate Jian will chairman still blessing wood, pair chairman’s laurel the quick hero all arrive meeting, and invite world the financing institution put forward a suggestion to the development of Chinese capital market.According to know, arrived each financing institution of meeting to make around 15 minuteses of speech, the topic was to inquire into working out the materiality problem of Chinese stock market how, how develop organization investor etc..In the policy benefit very again and again set, the index number soars rapidly at the same time, the certificate Jian has to draw lessons from oversea experience very clearly along with the kind and carry on system construction and develop over a long period of time of way of thinking, a market personage analyzes, the certificate Jian will request foreign capital three meeting the personnel have no job in the domestic and emphasize to favor the development of country stock market from the objective angle.Stock market can finally over a long period of time walk still will be decided by the breakthrough of system construction very much.The above-mentioned personage thinks that with save a city meeting different, in this time, the certificate Jian will call a world financing institution, inquire into the system construction of stock market, seem to be very necessary.

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