The fertile Er fertile C30 shows up to prepare a selling price space in September about 400,000 dollars

Friday, July 25, 2014

The this report reporter exclusively learns of recently, highly anticipated VOLVO lately lifts to carry on the back luxurious tightly packed Jiao sports car C30, will formally land China market in September, this year and prepare a selling price space about 400,000 dollars.The VOLVOC30 becomes available in the market, will found a local head style two Xiang luxurious hatchback of first river, and subdividing of luxurious car the market expand all new realm further.According to the introduction, adoption double door with four designs of fertile Er the fertile C30 made a show of a fertile safe concept car of many fertile Ers of special etc. for working properly a movement, plusing to draw from SCC and YCC of sport type sedans of the carriage wait with big area glass tail door to design a chemical element and make the fertile C30 of fertile Er let the driver own the best situation on road visual field, after matching shining metal double tailpipe, the overall design displays high-tech and advanced feeling more.Power, the all new fertile Er fertile C30 equips five urns of motors, the row measures from 2.4 rise to 2.5 rise.Among them, 2.4 rise 5 urns of power with biggest motors as 125 kws, biggest twist Ju to 230 nms;But another 5 urns of turbo motor rows measure to 2.5 to rise, the biggest power 162 kws, biggest twist Ju to reach to a 320 nms, sturdy power’s being good enough to is together looking down upon group of heroes in the class car.The style’s motor matches four crests to place cam stalk system, at 1500 turn to 4800 to turn of all can provide a Feng value to twist Ju 320 nms.No matter is a start or a half-way to accelerate all can keep sturdy power and quickly reaction.Thus outstanding motor system, make C30 can at 5.8 inside from hold still to accelerate a 100 kms/h, the tallest speed 250 kms/h.

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