Medium the letter bank draw up to push the fund QDII product

Friday, September 26, 2014

Medium the letter bank will release lately Be invested to an oversea high-quality fund of U.S. dollar generation offshore finance mangaing product to guest, its hurl to of 4 global the carefully selected fund is Barings China fund in Hong Kong respectively, east remit manage big China fund and PIMCO Gao income bond fund, Franklin Deng Pu Dun round-the-world total income bond fund, 4 above-mentioned funds are average year of to turn rate of return to distinguish to 43.85%, 36.45%, 8.51% and 11.73% for 3 years.Medium letter the bank related representative director said, the product provided to be up to 8% Reminbi appreciation protection annually and made the investor enjoy the income brought for soaring fund under the sistuation that protect origin.During the investment operation of the product, the administrator dynamic state adjusts the risk property that constitutes to°from the fund and from fix the income bond constitute of calm insurance property, and carry on lever to regulate according to circumstance in the market.Because the this product investment currency grows for U.S. dollar, medium letter the bank will revalue Reminbi to proportion is expecting an end and returning to return to the investor with the income.Moreover, medium the letter bank periodically provide to claim pawned article a mechanism in advance toward the investor and make thus the investor completely control the vivid of funds.

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