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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A life time China wealth Xun after after November 26 central bank raise to deposit reserve to lead into 13.5%, the central bank decides to will be 25 in December to again raise to deposit reserve to lead a percentage point to 14.5%.Raised range to compare before now with 0.5 percentage points, central bank this time raised range to have aggrandizement, stepped up constringency mobility.Experienced industry will produce certain negative effect according to saving a higher real estate business enterprise of one degree to the loan.The The People’s Bank Of China releases to announce on December 8, in order to strengthen the bank system liquidity management, repress monetary credit to lead quick growth, decide since December 25, 2007, raised a savings financing institution Reminbi savings the reserve led a percentage point, this time adjustment behind deposit a preparation rate will attain 14.5%, attain recent years history Gao Dian.This time rate that raise to deposit reserve is central bank to use this monetary policy tool for the 10th time over 07 years, with before have a dissimilarity, this time central bank enlargement raises to deposit reserve a percentage point.This undertaking is advantageous to more to guide monetary credit and invests reasonable growth, lower inflation pressure and continuously higher currency mobility pressure.Because the central bank is multifarious in the near future the macro view declaring to add an interest and raising to deposit policies like reserve,etc, expressing government adjusts the strength for controling to continue to enlarge, it continues to increase to the stock market investor mental state influence and add of the stock market after continuously walking Gao have already appeared to tidy up a situation, this time adjust to control possibility enlargement vibration in the market, but in consideration of physically save interest rate still currently for take of present condition, in fact the quality influences limited, but Gao the liquidity and CPI quickly increase present condition temporarily more difficult present new look, not expel follow-up to continue have already tightenned sex to adjust to control a policy set of may, this kind of policy will to the possible stock market result in definitely and mentally of influence.The central bank has already needed to carry on open market operation according to the bank system mobility management in the near future and have already divided 6 to publish total 773,910,000,000 dollars before now, among them, the head delivered a central bank after criticizing 600,000,000,000 dollars through the agriculture the line, and 173,910,000,000 dollars faces to each kind of social investor issue.Ministry of Finance in the near future declare to publish Issue 7 on December 11 750,000,000,000 dollars again special national debt, special national debt gets total 1.55 dollarses of a batch of limitses, this time issue after, the special national debt total amount issue will reach to 152,000,000 dollars, surplus 26,090,000,000 dollars will also in the year inside finish delivering.The issue of special national debt on the other hand can reduce the pressure of foreign exchange storage and on the other hand buy through just returning of special national debt.And this kind of cent batch, cent object publish special national debt, can while not and sharply recalling a mobility premise effectively alleviate liquidity to be partial to much, expressed that the strength for monetary policy for central bank is also enlarging gradually.According to the central bank data, in October end, financing institution originally foreign currency each loan surplus amount is 27.62 dollars, together compare to increase 18.02%.Financing institution Reminbi each loan surplus amount is 26.03 dollars, together compare to increase 17.66%, increase a ratio last month the end is 0.53 high 100 cent;Financing institution originally foreign currency each savings surplus amount is 39.06 dollars, together compare to increase 14.17%.Financing institution Reminbi each savings surplus amount is 37.85 dollars, together compare to increase 14.94%, increase a ratio at the end of last month 1.90 low percentage points.Among them, residents door the savings descend 506,200,000,000 dollars and together compare to decline 505,200,000,000 more, each savings descends in October more, is mainly a new at the end of October the issue period business enterprise and individual purchase a new to make business enterprise deposit, savings deposit reposition of redundant personnel to.End in October, 2007, the broad sense currency supply surplus amount is 39.42 dollars, together compare to increase 18.47%.The narrow sense currency supply surplus amount is 14.46 dollars, together compare to increase 22.21%, since 06 December, yearses, the M1 increases soon keep on being higher than M2, in October pouring of end scissors bad be up to 3.74%, compare September 3.62% of the end Gao Chu 0.12 percentage points, express that the currency current turns trend not to change.Currently letter loan extending of market and mobility pressure still more big, obviously enlarged a central bank to adjust the strength for controling.But statistics data suggest, China’s CPI rises to in October 6.5%, soared 4.4% for 110 months, is more obviously high than the government sets at the beginning of the year of adjusting and controling target.But there is an estimate pointing out, CPI still will maintain higher level in November.Keying up to deposit reserve to lead a percentage point would freeze funds more than 100000000 dollarses 3,900 and tightenned a throwing in of commercial bank loan further.Real estate business enterprise particularly small scaled real estate business enterprise, because of funds source opposite less, trust to wait an other margin outlet still not perfect circumstance in the domestic under, they to the bank lends money of depend on save a degree still higher.According to the statistics, the bank loan generally has to 60% in the funds source of real estate industry or so, the commercial bank loan scale descends to bring about certain negative effect on the small and medium enterprises of the margin outlet and the item one.But ten thousand sections wait some large real estate developments the business enterprise then can acquire funds through a stock market, the funds get an outlet opposite and more, and be subjected to benefit in ex- expect real estate item the funds recall of roll over an effect, is influenced opposite smaller.In addition to reducing money supplying, various real estate industry adjusts an of controling the policy the set all will result in the certain influence on the profession’s company, the real estate business enterprise presents the phenomenon that a resources concentrates toward the high-quality business enterprise.This time adjustment deposits a reserve rate because commercial bank’s rate of return in the reserve of central bank is lower than lending rate, reserve rate after raising, exceed the bank of reserve shortage may need to carry on property structure adjustment and take back part loan, deposit reserve by increment, then will influence bank earnings.Is worthy of paying attention to BE, central bank in the near future add an interest the benefit of increment commercial bank to some extent differ income, new accountancy’s standard and 08 years that will weaken to deposit the negative effect that the reserve adjustment results in, but carry out for 07 years’ uniting as one two taxes carrying out to wait a policy all has already hoped to make bank accomplishment to keep a growth.The The People’s Bank Of China declared before now that from from September 15, raised financing institution Reminbi to save to lend money basis interest rate.Expects to deposit basis interest rate to raise 0.27 percentage points for financing institution a year, raises to°from current 3.6% 3.87%;Expects to lend money basis interest rate to raise 0.27 percentage points for a year, raises to°from current 7.02% 7.29%.Being partial to according to October is hot of the estimate circumstance of economic data and November, year inside of again add an interest the there can be no returnning back is also.Attain 4.4% according to 110 months CPI, again in consideration of 5% interest taxes, the eyes the year before expects the actual interest rate of bank deposit as 0.7235%, still be placed in negative interest rate condition.

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