Two factors’ remoulding a fund to do much confidence difficulties has already passed the winter to sow to need spring to living

Sunday, December 14, 2014

On Monday still black Monday, arrive Wednesday bright sun Gao Zhao, the of Hu Zong soars 32 points, the turnover also quickly enlarges, day K line depend on sparse leave the K line combination of W bottom, and the stock index also recovered 1300:00 once again.So whether this means that the stock index has already explored clear bottom?The two greatest factors remould a fund to do much confidence to know to all, ex- expect a market of so keeping on is overcast, what very important reason lie in a fund is not, but fund of is not again is because the pressure been estimated to be worth to be in line with, this kind of pressure particularly embodies in the steel and has color metal and petrochemical etc. in the periodic profession, make thus this kind of before expect to continuously appear on the fall placard, this brings stock index one and otherly do empty power.However along with horary of change, the above-mentioned pressure is easing.Mention to even if estimate a value according to the internationalization standard again and again on being the research paper of organization inside the industry, particularly in the profession strategy investment report in 2005, the many periodic professions, such as, steel, engineering machine, and petrochemical etc.s also have tremendous under-estimation trend, and estimating of professions, such as coal, bank and electric power…etc. the value be also approached to nations to estimate a value, the publicity effect of this public opinion has already had an embodiment, and this by all means eases pressure in the market and even forms the mental state of annual report accomplishment expectation for market.Two is medium local business enterprise, such as, interest communication, and northern green media etc.’s leaving for harbor to become available in the market is extoled and also provided the mental advantage of estimating the value for an investor.Medium the interest communication acquired 25300% recognize to buy, after being listed and traded, its price repeatedly exceed medium cheerful A stock price space of communication.Same listed company, the H outstrips an A, although this isn’t a first time,explain at least that an investor really has to have his/her own investment confidence.Equally, the northern green media still acquired by 1700% or so city Ying rate issues 42200% recognize to buy, will also stir up A stock market field’s investment confidence for media, this possibility also in the near future win to see media and Bo Rui to spread etc. keep on one of the pre-eminent powers.BE exactly at these two factors promote and boost under, the organization investors like fund,etc has already obviously had to do many evidences, at this week one tail dish in, China ability nations, Shen Neng’s share, medium sea development etc. fund heavy the Cang appear several thousand hand the checks, this week two electric power, and Wu Gang share…etc. in Yangtze River continue pre-eminent, this week three appear a fund to collectively do many evidences, particularly is a Yangtze River electric power, China petrochemical, China Unicom etc. to has the big list repeatedly appear, is exactly cent the big list of trend diagram appear and disappear to let the market produce the fund start acting of expectation, also lay the foundation that the stock index put to have great capacity to rise yesterday.Most difficulties time already used to, the funds in the near future repeatedly try the power of dish to still come from the factor of noodles in the market.One that time empty factor, the formation of bottom sometimes the and space is two factors, history trend proves for many times, yearly of 12 all is that one that the next year spring livings condition of the market is opposite a little bit low by the end of the month.Is also say, currently of the point’s forming the time factor of bottom has been already formed and only lack a spatial match.Along with after last weekend stock index broke through 1300:00, formation the space factor of the bottom also corresponds formation.The truth is easy, although the stock index may broke through 1259:00, subsequent slump space still have much big?After all the average city Ying of the index sign rate only has currently 2000%, the strategy report of think factory inside the industry is also fresh to clearly point out:After 2002, 2003, the listed company accomplishment of 2004 three years significantly increase, and three years of stock price significantly slump after, the A stock market field has already hoped at the end of 2004 with carry out soft for 2005 the beginning of the years land.Also mean stock index formation the spring livings the bottom space of condition of the market factor also basic establishment.Since it is so, do the funds why not dare to try dish to carry on a winter to sow condition of the market?Two is policy noodles factor, although stock index after last weekend broked through 1300:00, have never appeared obvious policy noodles to protect a dish evidence, spring rain the smooth thing Be thin to have no voice, the Yi benefit affairs is led the judicatory get involved, from an on the side elucidation A stock market field the ages that get into to take charge of to the legal system, this for promote a listed company to invest value to undoubtedly have biggest benefit.The stock market policy in 2005 will be aggressive, interest in the investment of investor including fund undoubtedly will also actively get up, this is in fact also a progress, after all the investment of stock market is sometimes the investment of mindset, the mindset is aggressive, correspond to estimate a value and then will promote, vice versa.On the Zong say, A stock market field of most the difficulties every moment have already left quietly, even if in the subsequent day may because so factor like that but appear a turbulence, but stock index once again effectively broke through at 1259:00 sustainingly and all lead have been more and more small, the investor can trust to carry on a winter to sow, the spring of in order to wait for next year livingsed condition of the market.

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