American wealth is long to protect Er of Sen:U.S. dollar value will reflect long-term American economy pre-eminent

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Sen that American wealth is long to protect Er said on the 15th that the dollar rate will reflect long-term economic power in the United States and lay equal stress on to state pre-eminent U.S. dollar really benefits according to the United States.The comprehensive dispatches from foreign news agency reports on November 16, American minister of finance protected Er Sen to say on the 15th, and the dollar rate finally would reflect the latent real strenght of American economy.Is economic American similar to other all economy of nations to all want to experience top and bottom rise and fall, but he thinks, American economy will continue to keep a growth, and the long-term basic situation real strenght of American economy will get an embodiment in the foreign exchange market.Protected Er Sen to say, positive such as he on the 9th talk, pre-eminent U.S. dollar really benefits according to the United States.Protect Er Sen currently just in South Africa, will attend 20 country group minister of finance’s meetings.20 country groups include G7, other Europe nations and big country in the newly arisen market.Before the meeting convenes, Canadian wealth is long to call, U.S. dollar is weak to be one of the subject of this meeting.Protected Er Sen to say, the head quarter for the minister of finances to discuss respectively national economic condition mentioned foreign exchange market.He said, if 20 country groups don’t speak of U.S. dollar problem during the period of meeting that to just make people surprised.Protect Er Sen to think, although the house market is weak to is still the biggest threat that American economy growth faces,the latent real strenght of American economy is still firm.He points out that some Wall Street economists anticipate, when some time release a report this month night in American commerce department American government will make the third quarter increasing degree GDP raises from 3.9%.He said that quelling of dispute in the American collateral loan market isn’t several days or several weeks of business, but may be a few months.Protect Er Sen to mean, motion in the market will also continue to exist, the front road is still not flat.Protected Er Sen to say, the indetermination urged the investors to ask the second-class collateral loan of each further public its balance sheet to bank to is related to lose.He said that the market needs to be carried on to the risk it’s analytical, heavy estimate and afresh list price.Each company and it chief the executive officer need a rightness of related informations to carry on to open further.Protecting Er Sen again appeals that the Upper House bank committee lawmaking subsidizes business enterprise federal to the government a citizen collateral loan association and federal housing the loan mortgage taking charge of of company the organization carry on a survey.Protect Er Sen to mean, American government is beginning the problem of solving the collateral loan market currently, because the market own to personal housing, to American economy, and speak to all matter to a graveness to the whole capital market.U.S. dollar exchanges an EUR to walk on the 15th Gao, slip to cause to avoid insurance consciousness because of American stock market, then cause the investor dump in succession Gao rate of return currency combine buying U.S. dollar avoid insurance.However, previously, the exchange rate of U.S. dollar and euro, Japanese Yen and the great majority other currencies all already steady continuously for several weeks slip.Mao

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