Engineering machine:Production

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The well-known economy consults company-British engineering machine consult the latest report that the limited company releases to suggest, China will be the region that the only engineering machine sale quantity continues to increase in 2007, although this year’s growth rate is low in 2006,still will keep 7% levels.The report said that 2006 is engineering machine equipments sale quantity in the world the 3rd year of high-speed growth in a row, the whole year sale quantity attains 664,525 sets and together compare to increase 13.5%.Divides the line in the company of in 4 main region markets, there was the engineering machined equipments sale growth rated of 3 regions to turn over some kind of, only the equipments turnover of North America region declined 5%.According to the estimate, in 4 main region markets, the 2007 the middle of the years country will be the region that the only engineering machine sale quantity continues to increase, although the growth rate in 2007 is low in 2006,still will keep 7% levels.The company points out that market possession that the most important new trend is a small scaled excavation machine will show Zhao ascension.The sale quantity of this equipments will raise 13% and increase to 38,000 sets from 33,685 sets.Round type’s loading machine still will have the predominant position of Chinese engineering machine equipments sale quantity, the sale quantity will raise 3% and attain 130,000 sets-load to have 70% proportions in the turnover of machine 186,495 sets in the round type in world.On the engineering machine equipments yield, China is again placed in a leading position.In 2006, Chinese engineering machine equipments the total yield attain 194,972 sets and together compare to increase 23%.Report points out that the demand of Chinese domestic to the engineering machine equipments increased 21%, the engineering machine equipments export quantity increases to 16,500 sets and significantly raised 77%.This is the main reason of Chinese the engineering machine equipments yield increment.At the same time, the slippery removal raised 97% to the yield loading machine and attained 35,000 sets;The track type scoops out machine yield to also increase to 35,000 sets and raised 45%.Make widely available day by day along with small scaled excavation machine in other region in the world, the yield of this equipments in China has already raised 54%, more than 15,000 sets.The flexible arm type fork car, track type scoops out machine, the Jiao connect type from unload the sale quantities that car and round type loads machine to all have an exaltation.Report means that being total sees, although the engineering machine market in world probably appropriately falls, engineering machine the profession combine to sink into a depressed predicament-this morely belongs to an engineering machine the market regulates by one’s own of periodic characteristic.The unprecedented prosperity of the engineering machine market probably will soon leave, but the future prospect is still very bright.In fact, this production

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