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China makes progress on annual urbanization goals

New buildings in Huaxian county, Henan province. Urbanization will play an active role in keeping the country’s investment and rowth stable. Wang Zirui / For China DailyChina has made significant progress in shanty-town renovation and building affordable housing and public transportation, an official said Tuesday.By the end of June, the country had met 66.9 percent of its annual shanty-town renovation target, 8.2 percentage points higher than the same period last year, said Zhao Chenxin, spokesperson for the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) at a news briefing.As for urban affordable housing projects, 97.9 percent of the annual target had been reached as of the end of June, Zhao said.In the first half of 2016, city and inter-city railway networks grew rapidly. Rail transit in 25 cities reached a length of more than 3,300 kilometers, and another 3,800 km is under construction in 37 cities. The intercity traffic network has hit 1,250 km.Governments of all provinces and municipalities and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Group have released their reform plans on the household registration system.The central government is supporting 37 towns to innovate infrastructure investment financing and help medium and small cities and towns to improve infrastructure weak points in water, heat and gas supply as well as sewage and garbage treatment.Zhao also said that China will strive to foster new pillars of economic growth and deepen international cooperation in its urbanization drive.

Feast of dishes available at food expo

People in Beijing can see how some typical local foods are prepared and purchase well-known brand-name products at a food show that starts this coming weekend.The 9th Catering, Food & Beverage Expo will be held from May 17-20 at the Beijing Exhibition Center. One can see shaomai, a kind of dim sum, being made by staff from Duyichu Restaurant, hot pot lamb preparation by Donglaishun staff, and tea processing by Wuyutai, Lao She and Zhang Yiyuan teahouses.All these businesses have histories of more than 100 years. Food carving experts will also sculpt vegetables, fruits and sugar. At the same time, as the expo is being held near the Dragon Boat Festival, there will be rice dumpling making in which visitors can participate.According to Jiang Junxian, director of the Beijing Cuisine Association, exhibitors at the expo come from the entire food making chain. There are not only restaurants, but also food processing enterprises and agricultural companies. More than 300 companies will display their products.That includes more than 100 companies in Beijing, who will exhibit 170 old Beijing brand-name food products they produce. On the first day of the expo, representatives from more than 100 food companies will sign a food safety treaty as a promise to consumers. The No 4 hall will show foods from Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the Beijing Western Cuisine Association will prepare a 45-meter long Europe style train, with typical food and wines from 20 countries. These will include macaroons from France, caviar, German beer, durian from Thailand, mangosteen, Russian foie gras, Canada”s ice wine and Korea”s kimchi.If you go May 17-20 Beijing Exhibition Center 135 Xizhimenwai Dajie, Xicheng district, Beijing

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